Areas of Practice


Divorce can be a stressful time for anyone. Even amongst the most amicable separations, there are a number of considerations to account for like the division of property and finances. If children are involved, then child custody and support payments are likely to be involved.

Criminal Law

Criminal law generally refers to illegal behavior punishable by incarceration and fines. Whereas a civil case consists of two individuals disputing their rights a criminal trial is seen as the people as a whole against an individual. Both the state and federal government can decide what actions constitute a crime. As such, criminal law can vary widely from state to state.

Will & Estate Law

Will and estate planning may not always be the most pleasant of topics to talk about, but the fact is that it is necessary to properly facilitate the transfer of property to loved ones when the time comes. We all have an estate. An estate can be almost anything you own that has a value including a car, investments, jewelry, homes, and real estate.


Foreclosure is a difficult time for anyone. Often by the time foreclosure proceedings are under way, there are likely other circumstances that lead to them in the first place. The great news is that an experienced attorney can still help. A borrower does have rights, and a good attorney can often help to find other solutions to remedy the situation.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law deals with the purchase and transfer of property and ownership rights. The various aspects of renting, leasing, property development, and adherence to zoning laws should also be included. The greatest asset an experienced lawyer provides in these instances is the assurance that the transfer of property or the modification thereof happens in a legally binding and defensible manner.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is one of the areas of legal practice with the greatest scope of required legal knowledge. Often the lead attorney who directly communicates with the corporation will need to be aware and involved in their day to day proceedings ensuring that the company stays in compliance with state and federal regulations regarding their industry. Often this requires access to a corporation’s officers, directors, and controlling shareholders.

Employment Law

Employment law covers a broad range of employment issues that range from anti-discriminatory legislation to hiring contracts and thus contract law. It is important to know that both the hiring and firing of employees are both regulated processes with laws meant to protect the worker. Companies are legally bound to abide by state and federal guidelines regarding hiring, wages and benefits, workplace safety, family and medical leave, and termination.

Family Law

Family law is the state and federal legislation that applies to family and family responsibilities. Often family law touches on some sensitive subjects that can significantly impact an individual’s most personal life experiences. These include marriage, child custody, divorce, reproductive rights, adoption, paternity, and domestic violence.

Immigration Law

Settlement in the United States of America is a dream for many for many reasons. Our land of opportunity, however, has some incredibly strict immigration laws. Immigration law deals with the act of permanently moving the United States and possibly becoming a citizen. Numerous factors determine how difficult this can be based on perceived employment, education, and family relations to other citizens.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can be an enormous concern in a world that so heavily relies on vehicles to get around. Some of us rely on our vehicles for a source of income. Inevitably, for one reason or another, everyone gets a ticket. The severity of the ticket can range from a simple fine to a federal offense but in all cases hiring an attorney to defend you is the right decision.


Litigation is the act of going to court to argue a disputed issue. Those who litigate are often only the most experienced lawyers, and Humblias Law hires only the best litigators. Those who show up to court with an experienced attorney will often find little in the way of results and, if positioned against a superior litigator, will often find themselves in a less than ideal situation.

Municipal Law

Municipal laws are laws specific to a state or region that are legally known as a municipality along with governmental agencies that serve those districts. Often attorneys work on behalf of the municipalities helping to establish suitable ordinances, set bylaws, and provide guidance on zoning and land use laws.

Personal Injury Law

The fact is that accidents happen and sometimes those accidents result in injury. It is an easy enough situation to remedy with anyone who was unnecessarily harmed through the negligence of another party restituted for medical bills and pain and suffering. The laws governing such restitution are known as personal injury laws.

Consumer Law

Consumer law, or consumer protection, is a broad list of laws and organizations that help to protect consumers from fraud and abuse. These days the laws are often implemented to remove scam artist, prosecute identity thieves, and levy fines against corporations for acts of collusion.