Employment Law

Employment Law

Employment law covers a broad range of employment issues that range from anti-discriminatory legislation to hiring contracts and thus contract law. It is important to know that both the hiring and firing of employees are both regulated processes with laws meant to protect the worker. Companies are legally bound to abide by state and federal guidelines regarding hiring, wages and benefits, workplace safety, family and medical leave, and termination.

Employment discrimination shouldn’t be fought alone.

Employment discrimination has various forms including race, religion, age, gender, and sexual orientation. If any of these traits serves as the catalyst for a refusal to hire, termination, denial of advancement, unfair payment incentives, or harassment, then the recipient has the right to seek litigation.

An employer is also prohibited from seeking retaliation for an employee who calls attention to sexual harassment or otherwise points business practices that are in violation of local or feral laws, so-called “whistleblowers.”

Often being discriminated against can be a daunting situation with the recipient feeling violated. Humblias Law understands this and will work with the victim to ascertain the strength of the case and if litigation should be pursued.

Employment contracts should be reviewed before signing.

It wouldn’t be wise to sign anything before reading it but if you want to make sure you’re protected you should have an attorney review your contract. Humblias Law has decades of experience at its disposal to ascertain a contract’s enforceability and what you might be susceptible to later in your employment.