Internet law or “cyber” law is an emerging legal field that is still in its infancy. The rapid growth of the internet and the complexities that it encompasses have presented challenges for the legal industry. Internet law is not a particular field of law as much as a specific melding of privacy law, contract law, copyrights, and, in some cases, litigation.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is a massively complex set of issues that require many active fields of legal expertise to navigate adequately. Broad topics ranging from regulations to transactional, to development each have their subset of minutiae legal intricacies that vary from region to region. Humblias Law overcomes this incredible need for such a wide breadth of knowledge by relying on our team’s various legal backgrounds.

Small Business

A small business is just as culpable as any large business to any number of laws that apply to them regarding their industry and industry specific regulations. Humblias Law understands the needs of small business owners. As a law firm with an extensive client base that represents a great many professional fields we have a unique insight into the requirements of small businesses and have the experience to help them navigate the legal intricacies regarding their particular business needs.