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Sean Senatore

Peter really sealed the deal with me and my nonsense tickets. In a nutshell I was driving with a group of BMW’s and we all got pulled over and all got ticketed for NO REASON. It was a massive “takedown” I’m sure they thought on the Jersey side of it. Anyway my experience with Peter has been nothing but a pleasure and I’m sure I’ll do business with him again, if I have to.

Sean Senatore February 10, 2017

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Anthony C

Peter and his staff were amazing during our two closings. His expertise and knowledge of the process was top notch. I would highly recommend him!

Anthony February 10, 2017

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Dan F

I cannot express how happy / pleased / elated I am with Peter Humblias and his entire team. I know Peter personally, but have never needed his legal services before now. I received a traffic ticket that had a lot of questionable aspects to it. Peter looked at the ticket and said “no problem.” As he likes to put it, he under commits and then over delivers. Well he out did himself by over delivering to the tune of the case being fully dismissed. No fine, no points, no nothing. I highly recommend Peter and his law firm to help you with any legal matter you may have. Thank You Peter!!

Dan F February 10, 2017

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Michael P

My son Michael got a speeding ticket on the parkway, going 85 in a 45 (didn’t notice construction zone) going towards AC. Trooper gave him a 5 point ticket, and Michael already had points on his license and has gotten this type of ticket before.
After reading Dans post and his experience with Peter Humblias, and didn’t hesitate to give him a call. Peter called me today, got it all dropped to a fine!! Very happy with the results as he told me the Prosecutor, Judge, and Trooper, we’re all pretty hostile, trying to give the maximum penalties. Peter is the man, and I will definitely use him in the future.

Michael February 10, 2017

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Martin Mwaniki

Every once in a while, we all get that task we would like to pass on to a colleague or just ignore, happens even to the best of all. My case was one of those, a foreign national seeking to adopt a US citizen (minor), and with many twists and turns. Ken Gallo and team not only embraced this complex case, he kept us informed at every stage, responding to our phone calls and emails with text book efficiency.It is so refreshing, it is quite an experience, from Ken to Peter to Mayda to Melanie, nothing was spared in the effort to treat us with so much dignity. I definitely recommend this team, they all (And I mean all) listen, and they involve you. Thank you Ken, you midwived expertly 🙂

Martin Mwaniki February 10, 2017

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Elaine K

Quite satisfied with how Peter Humblias represented me, albeit for a minor traffic violation which he was able to reduce to another so that points on my DMV would not be incurred and fine was 25% less than I anticipated paying. Also, wait in court was expedited.

Elaine K February 10, 2017

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Jesal Patel

Mr. Humblias and his team were very professional and knowledgeable in several transactions I hired them for. They were also very courteous and guided me through the transactions. Even though I hadn’t met them in person, they made me very comfortable during all our phone conversations.

Jesal Patel February 10, 2017

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Dave D.

We all get ourselves in a jam when we make immature decisions on the road. When I did my research Peter’s name was the one that always came recommended. I was facing serious charges at an exorbitant speed way over the legal limit. I got in contact with Peter and he helped relieve my worries right away. Knowing my fate laid in his knowledgable experience allowed me to leave all the worrying aside. Possible loss of license, community service, stiff fines would have been an extreme burden. We had a tough prosecutor and judge who would not allow us to get away scott free but the plea bargain we received was expected and I can say Peter did a great job! I had enough summons to lose my driving privileges for a long time which in NJ is not something one can do. I did get 5 points but with Peters instructions for defensive driving and Driver Improvement Program I could be back to 0 points quickly!

Dave D. February 10, 2017

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Paul P

Peter’s expertise with the municipal court saved my license. I was charged with five tickets and suspension of my license was imminent. Peter fought hard and I couldn’t believe I walked away with just one ticket! The Law Offices of Peter C. Humblias LLC (complete staff) was very professional and I couldn’t be happier that I chose them! Thank you Peter!

Paul P February 10, 2017

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Andrew B.

Mr. Humblias was excellent in every way. He was able to handle my case extremely well and do so in a manner that put my mind at ease. He is an extremely nice guy that was able to walk me through every step of the process and most importantly deliver on his word for a result much better than anticipated. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice.

Andrew B. February 10, 2017

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Christy Obodeh

Let me go straight to the point, Peter Humblias is the best so far, he pulled me through from 9 points reckless driver and improper passing to an outstanding point. No flatter here but i came in to court, all scared but after i met him and we spoke, he gave me full assurance and made me very comfortable. He truly knows how to do his job and the best of it at that, iff only you believe him. At first, i was scared when i payed the fee, thinking he might not care but just take the money and say he tried his best but at the end, believe me i came out smiling and excited. His pay rate, i must tell you guys now is VERY AFFORDABLE, trust me, that i can say for a fact. Book him guys and tell your friends and family about him because he is the best i have seen so far.

In addition, they also follow up with you on whatever they got from your case to know how everything is going so you know they are working fine on your case. Thumbs up Peter, you are the best, and continue doing what you do best.

Christy Obodeh February 10, 2017

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Ankur Setya

The Law Offices of Peter C. Humblias LLC did a spectacular job in facilitating my short sale. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with their work, which was extremely tedious in my case having two lenders to deal with. They kept constant communication with me updating me with every step, every day. They were also very thorough and explained complicated matters to me in layman’s terms so i could easily comprehend. This process took about 8 months to complete, these guys worked tirelessly to achieve our common goal. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Peter C. Humblias for anyone in search of legal services. I also want to give a special thanks to Kenneth Gallo for all his efforts regarding my short sale.

Ankur Setya February 10, 2017

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Miss Renee’ Pyskaty

I want to personally thank Mr. Peter Humblias & his amazing team for getting the job done so timely & efficiently with always a smile & a happy greeting. For me that made me feel so super confident. Last night Mr. Humblias took charge of my case & had it dismissed!!!!!!!!!! How he pulled that off was magic to me but this is a brilliant likeable man. Who knows his law really well!!!!Felt so calm with him when before meeting Peter other Lawyers made me feel so anxious not Peter!!!!! This firm I would recommend to anyone in need of legal advice!!! Top Notch 5 Star service!!!!! Thank you all once again for all who participated in my case Much respect & graciousness Renee’ Pyskaty

Miss Renee’ Pyskaty February 10, 2017

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Sara Straile

First and foremost, I would like to thank Peter and his staff. He truly is amazing at what he does, and I don’t know what I would have done without him. I would not hesitate to use his law firm again and highly recommend him to anyone in need of representation. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and immediately put my mind at ease just after speaking to him on the phone and of course when in court. Peter and his firm were with me every step of the way, and I could not be happier with the outcome in which I received. Thank You Peter!!

Sara Straile February 10, 2017

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Jack Fitzgerald

Peter Humblias is one of the best attorneys in the business! He is a powerful negotiator, orator, and is extremely persuasive.. He knows the law and is meticulous with the preparation of his cases. His abilities have allowed him to argue cases on his client’s behalf and win. Period. He is very caring and and fights for his client’s rights. I consider Peter to be a friend who has my best interests in mind. His staff and firm are among the best and I would recommend Peter Humblias to everyone I know.

Jack Fitzgerald February 10, 2017

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Christopher Murray

Peter’s Law office came to my rescue the second I contacted him. His experience with traffic law and knowing the specific statutes to this day still impresses me. If you want an efficient attorney who constantly works your case with excellent results for a fair rate, Humblias Law should be your first choice.

Christopher Murray February 10, 2017

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Edward Schmidt

Great to work with. In the beginning I thought this process was going to be a long bumpy road. Peter and Ken where outstanding to work with and were helpful from every aspect of our short sale. They where o. Top of things from the start and getting things done while others could not. I highly recommend these gentleman in helping people with there legal matters when it comes to short sales, they are elite!!

Regards happy client Ed & Christine Schmidt

Edward Schmidt February 10, 2017

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Margaret Hankiewicz

I just wanna say thank you very much to the whole staff. Mr Humblias did an amazing job with my case he is a very caring and amazing attorney. I would and absolutely recommend this law firm.

Margaret Hankiewicz February 10, 2017

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Jennifer O

I would like to commend The Law Offices of Peter C. Humblias LLC on their diligence and extensive knowledge of law.My experiences with this law firm have been consistently positive. I continue to use them when in need of legal services as well as refer them to my friends and family.

Jennifer O February 10, 2017

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Chris K

Peter handled my traffic case with professionalism and was able to get my 6 points reduced to 0 points. I greatly appreciate the consultation I received!!


Chris February 10, 2017

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Mikhail Zlotnikov

I was referred to Peter C. Humblias from Legal Plan. Peter and his associates were professional and helpful. They address any questions from me and my wife related to any legal subjects and other matters.

That’s why I would use readily his legal advice and recommend his services to others.

Mikhail Zlotnikov February 10, 2017

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Josue R

I would like to thank Peter Humblias for helping keep my record clean and keeping me out of jail. My Traffic violation that i got myself into would had me in jail for 6 months to year and suspended my driving privileges for a year but thanks to my Brother Gonzy who knew Peter from the Supraforums everything was fine. Peter is known among car fanatics/enthusiasts, everything was taken care by him at court and I was left with a clean record and no jail time. Thanks Peter for your hard work and keep up the good work.

Josue February 10, 2017

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Cecilio Casablanca

My experience with your law firm was very pleasant. I would like to thank you and your staff for your work towards my case and resolving it better then I expected. I would recommend you to anyone who is in need of legal consultation. Thank you.

Cecilio Casablanca February 10, 2017

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Wioletta F.

Peter and his team had tremendously guided me through the complicated process of my Real Estate property negotiation between my ex-husband and myself. They always kept me updated, worked through my cases in great details while answering all of my questions even after hours. I really appreciate their assistance and sincerely recommend to anyone who needs help with any legal matter to come to Peter’s law firm first.

Wioletta F. February 10, 2017

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Kelly Serritella

I cant thank the firm enough for their help and guidance in getting money back from a Contractor. Every time I needed them they were there. They gave advice and guidance throughout the process and ultimately I got my money back without having to go to court. They are so supportive and I recommend them to everyone!

Kelly Serritella February 10, 2017

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Kelly Serritella

My experience with this firm has been fantastic. I originally reached out to get our Will put together but realized I needed their expertise much more than I thought I would unfortunately. The fortunate part was they were accessable, courteous and quick with their response time when I needed them. I would recommend this firm to anyone and already have!

Kelly Serritella February 10, 2017

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Dean G

My experience with your firm was 100% positive. Working with Peter Humblias was a pleasure and the results of my court case turned out exactly as we discussed. Thanks again!!

Dean G February 10, 2017

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Kia C.

My experience with Peter Humblias was top-notch! Peter and his staff walked me through every single step and explained my options for the sale of my condo. The fees were explained very clearly to me and I never felt nickel-and-dimed whatsoever. It was worth every penny to have such a great legal team to work with, supporting me throughout the entire process. His office was very responsive to all emails and phone calls and I appreciated all of his hard work even after my case was officially finished! I would highly recommend Peter Humblias and his team!

Kia C. February 10, 2017

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Nicholas & Alissa R.

Peter and his staff went above and beyond to help us during our closing. Our property had an abandoned oil tank which created a very delicate situation with the seller and his attorney. Peter made sure we were protected and that we did not assume any unreasonable risks or liabilities. He certainly put our interests first and we are very grateful for his firm’s efforts. We plan to use Peter for estate planning services in the near future and would recommend him to friends and family.

Nicholas & Alissa R. February 10, 2017

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Richard A

This is simply to say thank you. I recently got a traffic violation and had to appear in court today. Peter represented me and long story short; I got better than expected outcome. Peter is very diligent, knowledgeable and professional with his work. I highly recommend him!!!

Richard February 10, 2017

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Adam C

Peter was recommended to me by a colleague. He is very professional and took the time to clearly explain the process. He was successful at accomplishing the task at hand with a favorable outcome. His fees were very fair. I highly recommend his services.

Adam C February 10, 2017

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Augie D.

I was referred to Peter C. Humblias from my Legal Plan that I belong to. At first, I thought I was going to get the express version of service. I asked Peter to help with the execution of my Last Will and Testament and also Power of Attorney documents. To my surprise, Peter immediately addressed the matter. I found Peter to be extremely professional and helpful. Not only did he answer my questions in an explanatory manner, he took the initiative to be thorough & shared additional beneficial information that I was unaware of. Peter was very knowledgeable of my situation and gave me as much information as he could. Peter and his staff was helpful and offered advice beyond my expectations. I would readily, without any hesitation, use Peter for my future legal concerns & would “highly” recommend his services to others.

Augie D. February 10, 2017

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Arlin M

I would like to thank Peter and his staff they did an amazing job. Highly recommend them they kept communication with me. Peter represented me very we’ll and I was very satisfied with their work ethics. I’m completely satisfied with this Firm.

Arlin M February 10, 2017

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Tyler S

Peter did an outstanding job helping me out with my motor vehicle tickets and was a big help explaining to me all of the options I had and the best way to go about handling these tickets. He ended up getting me a great deal and for a lot less money then I anticipated.

Tyler S February 10, 2017