Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Settlement in the United States of America is a dream for many for many reasons. Our land of opportunity, however, has some incredibly strict immigration laws. Immigration law deals with the act of permanently moving the United States and possibly becoming a citizen. Numerous factors determine how difficult this can be based on perceived employment, education, and family relations to other citizens.

Humblias Law has a wealth of expertise dealing with visas and their application processes, and the naturalization process that ultimately leads to citizenship. The final goal of obtaining a green card is long and complicated legal process requiring a great deal of experience to navigate the labyrinth of necessary paperwork.

The Petition for a Green Card

Almost every application for permanent residence starts with an associated immigrant visa petition. The details of the petition differ based on the nature of the request. The family member holding statuses differ from employment-based applications for example.

The Naturalization Process

This is a long and daunting process that almost certainly requires an experienced attorney for guidance through the process. Eligibility requirements got application require that the applicant has been in the US for at least five years. There are numerous forms to fill out over many months or even years. Various interviews will take place that an attorney can prepare you for.

Humblias Law has been helping qualified applicants navigate the immigration process for years and has in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs every step along the way.