Wanda has 16 years of experience in the legal field. She’s an experienced Paralegal, and has extensive experience with all facets and tasks required of her and that she needs to know to practice law efficiently and effectively.  Wanda firmly believes that her having held numerous types of professional positions (in the legal, medical and business fields specifically), have allowed her to tailor and hone her professional and juridical skill set to meet the needs of all the firm’s clientele.  She can seamlessly interact directly with clients and assist them and the attorneys she works with every day with all their needs, requirements and goals.  Wanda deals daily with a broad range of challenging legal, professional and business issues, and utilizes her cultivated skill set together with her knowledge of the law, business, personal matters and legal procedure to achieve or exceed clients’ goals, expectations, and necessities.  She is proud to say that she now has a tremendous amount of experience in a multitude of legal areas and works day to day in all practice areas of the firm, not just Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Municipal Law or Estate Planning.

Wanda was born and raised in New York, and never thought that she would ever leave the Big Apple. Being a Latina, living in Williamsburg, was the highlight of her life with all the excitement going on every day; or so she thought. You cannot ever take the New York out of her, but her moving to New Jersey, was the best move she has ever made in her life.  She is married, a mother of five to a beautiful daughter and four handsome boys.  She is also a grandmother to a beautiful little five-year-old girl.

Wanda moved to Rochelle Park, New Jersey in 2005.  All her time away from work is spent with her family.  It is because of her love for them that she is motivated to learn and succeed as she strives to become a successful woman in today’s society.   She enjoys traveling, working out and just doing anything that puts a smile on her kid’s faces.  Although her children prefer for her to be a stay at home mom, and her work can result in her being completely exhausted, she does her very best to be a cheerful and involved mother. She spends as much quality time with them as possible.  She teaches them that a woman can be a mom when at home and a professional when at work.   Wanda always encourage them to fight for what they desire and believe in.

She attended LaGuardia Community College and majored in Business Administration and graduated with a degree in that field.  As such, she has a strong foundation in the areas of business (management, accounting, and finance).

In 1992, she worked for the New York Board of Education for eight years as a secretary.  She loved working with children, but felt as if there was something else out there for her.   It was not until she landed her first legal job at a law firm in New York that she realized that this was her true calling.  Working in the legal industry is what she wanted to do, and it is has been her passion ever since she started working in the industry.

In October of 2001, shortly after the devastation at the World Trade Center, she was recommended by a recruiting agency for an administrative assistant position in a law firm.  It was there that she learned and taught herself everything she knows about the practice of Personal Injury law.  In time, she worked closely with a very talented attorney who taught her about the practice of Criminal Defense as well.  Becoming knowledgeable in these areas lead to her being promoted to the role and title of legal assistant.

She has always wanted to work in the legal field as she has a deep passion for justice and does not regret making law her chosen career. She has learned more about the practice of law since she started working at this firm than she has ever known in her life.  Her unique background and life experience allow her to bring a more mature perspective to the table when handling legal and client matters.  She continually strives to better herself every day, crave more professional responsibility, and seek to work independently as much as she can.  She would not do anything in her life differently if given the chance.