Mayda has worked in several small firms, where the experiences have enriched the scope of her legal knowledge.  She has extensive experience in the following legal fields including, but not limited to, immigration, residential and commercial real estate, personal injury, municipal, and collections.

When she was 13 years old when her parents immigrated to the United States.  As a teenager, she attended Fair Lawn Middle School and graduated from Glen Rock High School.  She was very active with the Armenian Youth Group, participation in seminars, camps and summer Olympics in the different states.

Mayda attended Bergen Community College and traveled every summer to various countries in Europe and the Middle East.

While attending Middle School and High School, Mayda has also worked for her family, who ran a handbag factory locally.  Mayda’s family is paramount and sacred to her and what she learned from her parents makes her who she is today.

After she graduated high school, her first real job was with attorney Silva Barsumian, who specialized in immigration. She taught Mayda all about the process of preparing and filing for Immigration and, most importantly, how to strive to make the impossible possible for immigrants.

She has always preferred small law offices because she feels that smaller firms achieve better results for their clients.  Quality, values, and morals are the most important aspects of work and life for her.  She loves helping people, and this job gives her the opportunity to accomplish that every day.

Mayda is a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. She loves her family, and tries to teach her children common values and morals.  She lovers to travel and help people as much as she can, and that is the reason she chose this job.

She speaks, reads and writes four languages (English, Armenian, Arabic, and Turkish).  And that gives her a wider opportunity to extend her services to a wider variety of nationalities.

Mayda’s great passion is bringing healing and comfort to people.  She helps family, friends, and clients in any matter that might be needed.  She hopes that she will have the means and strength to do more for the ones she loves and to anyone that asks for her help.