Small Business

A small business is just as culpable as any large business to any number of laws that apply to them regarding their industry and industry specific regulations. Humblias Law understands the needs of small business owners. As a law firm with an extensive client base that represents a great many professional fields we have a unique insight into the requirements of small businesses and have the experience to help them navigate the legal intricacies regarding their particular business needs.

We can help provide legal guidance regarding:

  • Advertising and Marketing Law
  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Finance Law
  • Internet Law
  • Incorporation and Legal Structures
  • Privacy Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Universal Commercial Code Adherence
  • Workplace Safety and Health Law
  • Foreign Workers and Employee Eligibility

Considering the enormous effort it takes to launch a business successfully it’s a necessity to have sound legal guidance to prevent any number of easily avoidable legal pitfalls. The best insurance is prevention through due diligence.