Real Estate

Real Estate

The real estate industry is a massively complex set of issues that require many active fields of legal expertise to navigate adequately. Broad topics ranging from regulations to transactional, to development each have their subset of minutiae legal intricacies that vary from region to region. Humblias Law overcomes this incredible need for such a wide breadth of knowledge by relying on our team’s various legal backgrounds.

Sales and Acquisitions

The representation of buyers and sellers in real estate is a legally nuanced field requiring a great deal of attention to detail to prevent fallouts and disastrous outcomes. Often a thorough litigation process can be mutually beneficial to all parties when carried out by an experienced legal team by preventing issues down the line after the sale has been completed. A proper estate acquisition leaves little to be questioned in further sales down the line.


Securing the title to the estate purchase requires an elaborate background check into the real estate property’s purchase history. These can include previous title exceptions and often tie into the negotiation of the title insurance policy. A thorough legal team, however, helps to ensure that such fail safes are less likely to be required.

Land Use and Environmental

Compliance with environmental laws, land use entitlements, and other forms of necessary due diligence procedures ensure that the acquisition or modification is legally sound. Any number of specific ordinances, whether local or federal, could cost the purchaser a great deal of time and money should anything unexpected arise. An experienced legal team knows where to look.


Litigating the purchase of real estate and the necessary representation that lenders and borrowers require for secure loans, loan sales, purchases, and joint ventures is a field where knowledge of the finer point of contract law take on enormous importance. Careful communication between all parties is a requirement to help secure a successful transaction between all parties.