Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can be an enormous concern in a world that so heavily relies on vehicles to get around. Some of us rely on our vehicles for a source of income. Inevitably, for one reason or another, everyone gets a ticket. The severity of the ticket can range from a simple fine to a federal offense but in all cases hiring an attorney to defend you is the right decision.

Moving violations can be disputed.

The most notable types of moving violations are speeding, running red lights or stop signs, and failure to yield. Often these violations, upon conviction, come with points. Points can be used to increase your insurance rates and, if enough points are acquired, used to revoke your license.

The good news is that these violations can be disputed for any number of reasons and Humblias Law has an outstanding track record of successful litigation regarding such disputes. There are a broad range of factors that play into any such case, and knowledgeable attorney knows how to leverage the circumstances in a manner that satisfies both the state and the client.

A DUI case requires an attorney.

A drunk driving conviction can lead to substantial fines and an almost certain suspension of driving privileges. Hiring an experienced attorney is almost mandatory in such cases so as to avoid maximum penalties the state will levy by default. Time is also a factor so the faster the attorney is brought in, the more options there will be going forward.

Often an attorney’s role in these cases is to be a facilitator in negotiations. Regardless of whether a client was accused in error or simply needs a chance to rectify a momentary lapse in judgment.