Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real estate law deals with the purchase and transfer of property and ownership rights. The various aspects of renting, leasing, property development, and adherence to zoning laws should also be included. The greatest asset an experienced lawyer provides in these instances is the assurance that the transfer of property or the modification thereof happens in a legally binding and defensible manner.

The mere act of purchasing a home can be fraught with a number legal obstacles. Often the real estate property has been sold and inherited through wills and trusts over a series of generations. Humblias Law has a wealth of experience amongst its team that allows it to adequately mitigate the risks against claims of property rights by previous owners or inheritors.

A secured title is paramount.

The real estate agreement is a product of contract law that needs to take into account the type of property sold, the conditions under which it is sold, and the state laws the govern the process overall. The sale of real estate is required to be in writing and often is necessary to designate the property as “marketable.” A title insurance company is often employed to ensure a title’s legal marketability.

Securing the title as part of the purchase is often complex enough to require its own insurance. To securely pass the title the deed needs to have a proper and binding description of the land and its possibly adherent variances. An experienced real estate legal team helps to secure the title and prevent a family’s happy home from inadvertently being taken away from them.