Litigation is the act of going to court to argue a disputed issue. Those who litigate are often only the most experienced lawyers, and Humblias Law hires only the best litigators. Those who show up to court with an experienced attorney will often find little in the way of results and, if positioned against a superior litigator, will often find themselves in a less than ideal situation.

Our society is a litigious one. While disputes in the past were settled on more basic terms today, the courts often decided everything from financial liability to criminal liability. Often an attorney is the only reasonable line of defense available.

Demand letters are the time to get an attorney involved.

The earlier in the process an experienced attorney is brought in, the more options there will be down the road. Anyone has the right to sue. Whether the terms of the lawsuit are financial collections or claims of negligence is always best to have the best representation possible when initial discussion occur. Often representation itself dissuades the other party from making outrageous demands.

Lawsuits and discovery are a complex process.

Should a dispute not be able to be resolved amidst negotiations a discovery process often takes place. Discovery is the process of mandatory exchanges of documents for the sake of moving forward with a lawsuit. This is an incredibly detailed process where simple mistakes can have far-reaching consequences. A qualified, experienced attorney handling this process is essential for the sake of the client’s best interests.

Lawsuits can be an uncomfortable time for anyone but having qualified representation can go a long way to alleviating concerns.