Divorce can be a stressful time for anyone. Even amongst the most amicable separations, there are a number of considerations to account for like the division of property and finances. If children are involved, then child custody and support payments are likely to be involved.

A divorce, while unpleasant, doesn’t need to be that much more stressful.

Humblias Law specializes in facilitating smooth, peaceful separations that provide both parties with the ability to move forward with each starting their new life. Ultimately our clients should focus on healing while we take care of the divorce process and paperwork. This allows our client to merely concentrate on the terms being agreeable as items are negotiated.

Negotiated terms can encompass many things. Typically, any property jointly owned will need to be accounted for. A division of shared assets and holdings that provide equity will need to discussed with an agreeable end result. If either party was dependent on the other alimony might result, and this payment can be fairly substantial depending on the circumstances.

Children, however, are typically the most sensitive topic. While each party moves forward and starts their new lives the children’s need for both parents requires that compromises be made. As such matters such as child custody, rights to visit, and child support payments need to discussed.

Humblias Law understands all of this and seeks a smooth transition while, ultimately, protecting our client from the undue burden of the divorce process.